Panther Creek Homeowners Association


Memorial Health Campionship Parking Information

The HOA has been in contact with officials of the Memorial Health Championship reference parking in the subdivision for this year's event.  Memorial Health Championship officials provided the following information:
As promised, I’m following up with an email regarding parking for this year’s tournament.   As I mentioned last week, there was some feedback from the Traffic Warden with SPD regarding the on-street parking within the subdivision.  He indicated that he did take several calls regarding vehicles parked outside of homes, the area near the clubhouse, etc.   We know that we likely won’t be able to make everyone happy, but we’d like the neighborhood to know that we do want to be as respectful as possible in creating a safe parking plan for our guests and homeowners.

The equipment vehicles will need to be parking on the street and we will adjust how these are placed in 2022 to ensure a safer exit from the clubhouse lot.  These are in place through Wednesday morning/mid-day. 

See the parking plan for this year below.  Note that a big change for 2022 will be transitioning volunteers to Landmark for Thursday – Sunday.   Our vol. numbers early in the week are minimal and we can accommodate them safely in the neighborhood.    We will be providing valet parking on Wednesday, our most challenging day, for amateurs arriving for the LRS Pro-Am by car.   Once the cut is made, we will allow caddies to park in the clubhouse lot if there is room.  These three changes alone should help alleviate many of the concerns expressed.

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